Care Guide

General Care 

The extra fine organic wool is soft and absorbs moisture up to thirty percent of its own weight and therefore helps your little one regulate its temperature. 
In order to extend the life span of garments, the clothing should be handled with care. Being mindful of how you wash your garment will help ensure its longevity. 

Wool Care 

Airing does wonders for wool. Spot clean as required. Gentle hand-wash in lukewarm water, press in a towel to remove moisture and dry flat. 


Wool has high self-cleaning powers. Dirt has a hard time sticking to the wool fibre because every single fibre is encased in the wool fat lanolin. The same applies to unpleasant odours. A short airing is enough and unpleasant scents are soon gone.


Washing temperature

It is not the movements in the detergent solution (hand wash or machine wash) which are so damaging but rather the process of spinning and/or wringing which leads to interlocking by the wool, especially when it has been washed too hot and the wash cycle lasts too long. Then the wool has sufficient time to swell which facilitates felting. Washing water and rinsing water should have the same temperature as a so-called cold shock also causes the wool to felt. Wool is often washed too hot even when hand washing.


Note on using machine wash: Wool washing programmes of washing machines vary massively, therefore we can not grant warranty for any damages. With regards to using your wool washing machine cycle always use cold. If you choose to wash at 30 degrees the machine will still rinse with cold water and this shock to the fibres can cause the wool to shrink. 

To put it in a nutshell

Brief, superficial turning and gentle squeezing in plenty of not-too-hot water with special wool detergent which is suitable for wool followed by rinsing in water of the same temperature or in the wool/hand-wash cycle of the washing machine keeps the wool soft, elastic and absorbent. Use the wool or hand-wash cycle if indicated on the care label sewn into the garment. 



Please do not put in the tumble drier or on radiators as this will make the wool hard, brittle and felted. We recommend squeezing the products in a towel after rinsing, pulling them into shape while wet and drying them flat.