Frequently asked questions

What is Bennie and the Jets' Philosophy?

We at Bennie & the Jets carefully choose each label for our store, after a ton of research and our own personal experience with each brand. We want to make sure that the products in our store are all sustainably sourced, made under fair conditions and with organic material to ensure the best and highest quality. Paying special attention to sustainability and high quality is a simple way to ensure that garments live longer to reduce waste, whilst making sure the items are all durable, comfortable, playful and especially inheritable. We love to think the garments are enjoyed by several kids, seen as a potential family heirloom to cherish or to hand down.

Why do you only stock a few selected brands?

Being a small business we’re mindful of what brands we select, ensuring they represent our philosophy and values without any compromises. We’re currently in the process of sourcing other international brands to represent in the future, which is not that easy in a world where fast fashion still dominates.
So keep an eye out for more brands to be added to our online shop in the near future or sign up to our newsletter (I know - another one) to be the first to know and to get early access!

How do I treat my wool items?

Wool has high self-cleaning powers. Dirt has a hard time sticking to the wool fiber because every single fibre is encased in the wool fat lanolin. The same is true of odors. A short airing is enough and unpleasant scents are soon gone. Airing does wonders for wool. Spot clean as required or gentle hand-wash in lukewarm water, press in a towel to remove moisture and dry flat.

Note on using machine wash: Wool washing programmes of washing machines vary massively, therefore we can not grant warranty for any damages. With regards to using your wool washing machine cycle, always use cold. If you choose to wash at 30 degrees the machine will still rinse with cold water and this shock to the fibres can cause the wool to shrink.

Are the products manufactured fairly?

All products are manufactured in fair working conditions and with sustainable materials. The Engel Natur products are all certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the IVN-Best quality mark, which is the most demanding in the world. Along with the strict ecological guidelines, these two standards also contain social criteria that must be complied with in order to retain the certification. These include the ILO (International Labour Organisation) core standards such as the prohibition of forced labour, prohibition of child labour, no ill-treatment or discrimination, fair wages, health and safety at work, freedom of association.

Can I make changes to my order?

Once your order has been placed, we are unable to make changes or cancel your order, however our usual returns process is available. If you have made an error in your delivery address, please contact us via email at

Can I pre-order a sold out item?

If the product you are after is out of stock, there may be the option of placing a pre-order. Please get in touch via and tell us what you are after and we will let you know if a pre-order is available.

Wool scratches, doesn’t it?

All Engel wool and wool/silk articles are made from the finest merino virgin wool. This has nothing to do with the “scratchy” wool that many people think of when they hear the word “wool”. Merino virgin wool is soft and cuddly and doesn’t scratch – the best thing is to try it yourself.

Where does the Brand Engel manufacture its products?

Engel Natur manufactures all its products in Germany. They work with a number of companies in South Germany, mostly based around their headquarters. This way, they guarantee short transport distances; which is good for our environment and allows them to be flexible. They are also protecting jobs in Germany by doing so.

What do the certifications GOTS and IVN mean?

The quality hallmark for natural textiles of the International Association Natural Textile Industry e.V. (IVN). This IVN quality mark NATURTEXTIL–IVN ZERTIFIZIERT BEST stands for the highest possible environmental requirements textile products currently can fulfill. With the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS), the worldwide established, uniform label for organic textiles, products are labelled which comply with the basic requirements, as well on a technologically advanced ecological level. Compliance with the criteria is continuously and seamlessly monitored and evaluated at every stage of production and for every substance used. GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD GOTS is the minimum standard which IVN certified textile products must fulfill. It is the worldwide established uniformed label for organic textiles. If a product is to carry the GOTS label it must consist of minimum 90% natural fibres. Only 10% may be synthetic fibres or viscose rayon with exceptions for hosiery and sportswear which can consist of maximum 25%. However, at least 70% of the fibres must be of certified organic origin. Certified organic fibres are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified, adequate animal housing is compulsory. Organic farming protects soil, water and air, receives the variety of species and does without genetic engineering. For fiber processing critical chemical treatments are prohibited; bleaches for example may only be made on basis of oxygen, the chlorination of wool or the use of certain optical brightening is forbidden. Mechanical or thermal treatments are harmless and permitted. Substances used for dyeing and printing may not damage the health or be harmful to the environment and must be authorized by the certification bodies. Dyes containing toxic heavy metals or aromatic solvents and amine-releasing azo dyes are taboo. Some textiles are provided with a functional finishing, as e.g. “crease resist finish”, “waterproof”, or “Anti-pilling”. With eco-friendly textiles this finishing may only be obtained by mechanical, thermal and other physical treatment. Synthetic auxiliaries are permitted only for softening, milling and felting. Hazardous substances like heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, chloro-phenols (as TCP, PCP) or halogenated solvents are forbidden in the entire production process. All substances must be bio-degradable and may not harm soil, air and water. Accessories such as appliqué, inlays, interface, cords and shoulder pads are of natural fibers or viscose rayon. Metal as used for zippers, buttons or fastenings must be free from chrome and nickel, in order to avoid allergies. To guarantee a high quality the products must fulfill appropriate requirements concerning the light fastness, perspiration fastness, saliva fastness, washing fastness and shrinking values. Any final product labeled according to GOTS must keep strict residue values regarding a comprehensive list of health-endangering or polluting substances. The “International Labour Organisation” has defined standards, which serve as minimum social criteria for the GOTS: prohibition of forced or bonded labour, child labour, abuse or discrimination, demand of living wages, safe working conditions and freedom of association. NATURTEXTIL–IVN ZERTIFIZIERT BEST This IVN quality mark stands for the highest possible environmental requirements textile products currently can fulfill and consequently exceeds the requirements of the GOTS. The fundamental difference is that BEST labeled products must consist 100% certified organic fibres. The list of accepted dyes and auxiliaries is more restricted then it is for the GOTS, for example no exception for the use of copper containing dyes is made. The mercerization, a pre-treatment of cotton yarns with caustic soda to increase its gloss is forbidden. The use of optical brighteners is not permitted, either. Accessories like inlays, embroidery yarns or edgings must be of natural fibres and may not consist of viscose rayon. Source: IVN

Do the press studs or zips contain harmful substances or nickel?

All the substances used in Engel products are nickel-free and not a health hazard.

Do I need to wash my organic products before I wear them for the first time?

You don’t need to wash the products before wearing them for the first time. After the knitting process, the fabrics are washed to rinse out any excess dye residues, in the first place, and secondly to remove knitting oils and dirt. The products are all made using 100% ecologically sound methods and have no chemical finish. Engel never makes use of dyes that could be a health hazard or textile finishes which could cause skin irritations, for example, or harm the environment during or after processing. It is not allowed to do this under the strict manufacturing criteria with which the manufacturer must comply to obtain the IVN BEST or GOTS certifications for the products.

Is wool clothing too warm in the spring or summer?

Along with its many other great properties, wool is temperature-regulating. This means that when it’s cold, wool warms you up and when it’s hot, it cools you down. You don’t sweat as much as you do in synthetics, for example. In addition, wool can absorb a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling “wet”. Not least, the natural antibacterial effect of wool means that the garments never smell. You can also easily wear wool in warmer temperatures – maybe not exactly as a fleece jacket, but perhaps as a t-shirt or body.

What do I do if my wool garment is affected by pests such as moths?

If a garment is affected, it helps to store the garment in the deep freeze (for at last a week). Washing at high temperatures can cause felting of the wool. However, with these procedures – as with other methods – you should check after a few weeks whether the infestation has really disappeared from the fabrics. Otherwise, you will need to repeat the process.

How do I tie the newborn baby-bonnet from Engel?

Extra long soft and stretchy ties for tying around the body by crossing over the chest under the armpits and tying around the side, so there is no tie under the chin to get in the way.

Can I order and have it delivered as a gift?

Yes, you can! We wrap each item nicely in tissue paper, seal it with a sticker and a little thank you card. If you would like to add a personal message, just leave your personalized message in the comments field upon checkout and we will add it to the package. We also make sure there are no prices included in the gift.

Where can I give feedback or ask any questions?

We love to hear from you! We try to display our information as clearly as possible on the site. For tips and questions you can use our contact form or contact us on

Where do you ship?

At this point we only ship within New Zealand and to Australia. BUT if you are from anywhere else, please get in touch with us via and we will sort something out for you!