Hi everyone,

as you may have noticed, it has been a bit quieter around here than usual,

so I just quickly wanted to check in and say HI.

Due to the fact of going ahead starting a business during a pandemic (minor detail) and then realising, that it actually really held me back from going at the pace and progress I hoped for.

I had to slow down and re-think my next moves, without loosing my values.

Especially with the current environmental situation world-wide, questioning the point of this platform and store, which focuses on fashion in a broad sense, when it seems the urgency for a massive reduction of consumption of any sort, is really what needs to be talked about. Some may call it world-pain. It was very hard at times and the thought of just quitting seemed way easier than to keep going.

I question myself:

Does the world really need another online shop in this crazy consume overloaded world?

My answer is yes, especially in this cheap fast-fashion era, it needs platforms like this to go exactly the opposite way. Carefully selecting and supporting brands that focus on a green production chain, using recycled materials and guarantee fair working conditions.

Good chats and motivating friends re-installed my enthusiasm and I realised that the urge is now bigger than ever, that we need to start making changes on our consumption behaviour, how and what we buy as well as implementing small day-to-day changes that make an impact on the environment - contributing towards a better world and protecting our planet, for our little ones.

So I am super excited to welcome new brands to the shop very soon, as well as some news on how we are going to extend this platform!

Things are moving, not at a fast pace, but in an adjusted to the global-situation pace.

Bare with me and watch this space, as we will continue our journey with some new and exciting paths.

Suia x

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