Bennie & the Jets Kids


Bennie & the Jets was a light bulb idea. Elton John’s song was playing on the radio whilst I have already been scrolling for hours through several second-hand platforms and sustainable kids’ clothes online shops to find fun but environmentally friendly produced products for my little boy. 


I am an advocate for second-hand clothing, but sometimes you simply can’t get around needing to buy something new. Instead of turning to fast fashion, I believe in buying fairly produced, sturdy and organic products. Products, that remain of high quality even if worn by several generations and that can be handed down to loved ones or lent out. I found this to be such a cash-saving and waste preventing way to dress the little ones, who - let’s face it - grow out of their clothes within the blink of an eye. 


After moving back home to New Zealand from a decade of living in Berlin, I realised that it was hard to come by organic, sustainable, good quality products for babies and kids. There was really not much out there, in comes Bennie & the Jets.


It’s not just about bringing beautiful and ethically produced products to Aotearoa, but I’d love to think that the products will go on to have a few more lives in order to have an impact, if only small, on our fragile environment. It is not about being perfect, but about being more aware and conscious in our everyday behaviour, doing what we can to be kind to our planet and protecting our planet, for our little ones. 


"Buy less, choose well, make it last!"

- Vivienne Westwood