Our Brands

LF Markey Kids

With a focus on high quality manufacturing, innovative cuts, bold colours and fine fabrics, ex-Burberry Designer (and Australian born) Louise Markey creates clothing inspired by workwear and utility clothing. We are super excited that she now has released a kids collection as an extension of her popular women’s brand.
L.F. Markey is committed to making clothes which are made in a safe, ethical environment where working conditions are fair. They pride themselves in sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing, encouraging slow fashion. 
With boutique-sized factories in China which they are meticulously and consistently monitored by supplier agents, their factories have signed on to their internal ethical and safety compliance documents which they manage, inspect and enforce internally. The brand is currently working towards using GOTS certified organic cotton only and switching to screen printing inks that conform to Oeko-Tex standards across LF Markey.
They have an Ethical Trade Policy in place that their vendors adhere to across the supply chain. 



New Kids in the House

New Kids in the House (formerly known as New Kids in the Hood)


New Kids in the House is a sustainable future kidswear label. 

The small brand collects and processes used fabrics they find travelling across Germany to local companies that provide high quality fabrics. They buy the leftover fabrics from industrial overproduction and create new and timeless designed kids products.


Their goal is to create sustainable kids fashion and make a statement against the fast fashion madness that surrounds us everyday. All products are made with love in their small studio in Germany.


As kids of the 90s they gain their inspiration and drive from the colorful and fearless memories of their youth.

Engel Natur


Engel is one of the original champions of untreated organic merino wool baby clothes. 


Engel Natur is a German family owned Eco fashion label, producing underwear and clothing for over 85 years. The brands philosophy is to provide their customers with high-quality, ecologically compatible, feel-good, organic baby products which can be bought with a clear conscience and out of conviction.


The wool comes from Merino sheep kept in their natural environment, organically farmed and therefore living a healthy and stress-free life. The usage of pesticides is forbidden both on pastures and on animals. All of Engel’s kids clothing products are organic (GOTS certified) and produced in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes.


Renewable raw materials are used and Engel makes sure that the finished garments contain no pollutants. They also avoid completely the use of substances that are harmful to health or the environment during the entire garment production process. Waste is avoided wherever possible.


Engel are committed to a fair production, safe employment for a fair wage, not only in their own company but throughout all the production stages.


Engel products are certified with the Naturtextil IVN certified BEST or with GOTS. Engel also assumes social responsibility to ensure that all companies involved in the production process are obliged to meet standards of ILO fair trade practices.


YKRA Backpacks are inspired by mountaineering gear from the 70s and handcrafted from premium natural materials in Hungary.


YKRA uses natural materials that will decompose at the end of their life cycle, without harming the planet, sourcing high-quality leather from Italy, cotton canvas from the Czech Republic, and the metal accessories and webbing is made in Hungary. All products are handcrafted in Hungary, supporting local businesses and creating meaningful jobs. 


YKRA uses traditional manufacturing methods. The combination of high-quality materials and attention to detail lead to long-lasting products that age beautifully and acquire a patina. For their limited editions they use silkscreen printing, which allows for lasting, high quality prints that are fixed to the fibres of the cotton canvas.


As a responsible company: they will always repair any product that has defects in materials or workmanship, regardless of the age of the product, encouraging you to use them for as long as possible, to minimize your environmental footprint. We work with a local repair shop in NZ to get your YKRA products fixed!



Claire Mattews was on maternity leave with her daughter, when she heard that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish. She soon realised that 2050 is less than 30 years away, and started wondering what the world around us will look like then. She wants her children and future grandchildren to have beautiful, healthy oceans they can swim in safely, and wants to be proud of the planet that she passes on to them.  

So, she has created GRETA THE GREAT™ - a playful solution to plastic pollution!