Why are ethically produced & sustainable products so costly?

We are aware that ethically produced and sustainable products are still quite costly.

We get that a lot, as we know, that our products we offer aren’t cheap.

Why is that?

The base costs that go into sustainable fashion are inherently more expensive due

to sourcing costly eco-friendly natural materials and paying people a fair wage for making the products.

1. The Labour Cost

Every piece is handmade on a sewing machine by someone, somewhere.

Ethically run sewing facilities pay their employees well and offer important human rights,

such as limits on working hours and a safe working environment.

Choosing to manufacture with these ethical companies drives up the costs significantly for sustainable brands.

2. The Material Cost

Sustainable fabrics often come from plants and animals.

Just like food crops, these natural resources are farmed and cost more than synthetic

materials that are made of chemicals. Ethical materials must also be farmed in sustainable manners (i.e. disposing of waste water properly and limiting the use of pesticides) and involve paying farmers and weavers a fair price. All these factors combined make sustainable fabrics very expensive.

3. Sustainable Fashion is still a niche

sustainable fashion is growing in popularity, but it is still a niche industry.

Due to smaller customer demand, sustainable brands must produce in low quantities

which drives up the price of production.

To Sum it up /

At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves, do we want these people to work in a safe environment and get paid a fair wage, just as we would expect to be treated, or do you want the cheap run, buy cheap fast fashion, which is mainly made by kids, not for kids. Unfortunately this is still a sad reality, which we need to work hard on for it to change.

Every day.

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